Colorado Community Land Trust

Current Homeowner

Current Homeowner

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Current Homeowner information regarding Refinancing:

For all homeowners that are interested in refinancing your current home loan, please contact one of the lenders listed on the Affordable Housing Lenders page.

For further questions regarding qualification of refinancing, please be sure to contact Samantha Becker at the Colorado Community Land Trust office – (720) 515-7931 or email


As homeowners in the CCLT program, we thought it would be helpful to mention the CCLT’s role in successful homeownership.   

What does Stewardship provide/not provide? 

What we do: 

  • Create Resource Materials 
  • Ensure compliance with the Land Trust’s Covenants, the Land Lease  
  • Assist in initial sales, resales and refinances of homes that identify within the program  

 We committed to assisting homeowners in any way that we can , however there are a few components that our organization is not authorized to execute on an HOA or homeowner’s behalf:  

  • Act as an advocate  
  • Provide legal advice  
  • Enforce HOA-mandated rules on behalf of the community  

 We are currently in the process of creating resources for homeowners. Find below a few resources to consult for the following areas of homeownership: 


HOA Education and Assistance: 

Division of Real Estate (DORA) HOA center:  

Contact for DORA HOA Center  

Videos for HOA Board Member Education:  

Colorado HOA Forum 


Financial Navigation and Counseling, Consumer Financial Protection 

Office of Financial Empowerment: 

Please use their navigation line to get you started: 720-944-2498