Colorado Community Land Trust

Do I Qualify?

Do I Qualify?


If you are a moderate income earner and are interested in purchasing a home, the CCLT may be able to help. If you are asking yourself, “do I qualify,” just follow the steps below and see.

Or just call Realtor Eric Welch for all the details! (303) 829-8744

We are happy to share all about our affordable housing program and answer your questions on how to proceed on the purchase of your new home.

The CCLT is an income qualified Affordable Housing Program.

To qualify, you must have “mortgage ability” AND not exceed the Maximum Annual Income Limits (before taxes) by Household Size.  See the table to the right.

 “Mortgage ability” means  …

  • You have good credit
  • You have enough income after other debts to afford a
  1. Mortgage payment
  2. Land lease payment
  3. Homeowner’s association dues
  4. You have $1,000 earnest money to put down
  5. Contact our Affordable Housing Lenders for information on loan options that best fit you and your lifestyle!
  •    The Next Steps:1. Obtain a mortgage pre-qualification letter from one of our approved Affordable Housing Lenders – then email the letter to Eric Welch,*This step gets your place on the interest list for when existing properties come available for purchase.Steps once a home is available to purchase:
  1. An Income Application will need to be filled out in its entirety and mail it along with all your documentation to Samantha Becker at  Our mailing address is: 3245 Eliot Street; Denver, CO 80211
  2. Attend a first-time home buyer class:  Download a class schedule at and/or take the class online at Colorado Housing And Finance Authority
  3. Attend a CCLT buyer orientation.  We must have a property for sale that you are interested in buying before attending your orientation.  We will schedule your orientation once we have received your:
  • *Your pre-qualification loan letter
  • *Application
  • *First time home buyer class certificate