Colorado Community Land Trust

Information for Donors & Developers

Information for Donors & Developers

Real Estate Developers


The Colorado Community Land Trust is staffed by real estate professionals who understand local market

conditions, home pricing and finance. We begin with a thoughtful approach to site selection and product design. With support from public funding or private grants, the homes are priced to sell below median income levels.

We know that a good sales team is the key to any development project. We uniquely serve as sales agent, buyer underwriter, and long-term manager of the land. Our flexible, holistic approach helps us reduce risk and meet changing market conditions with confidence. We are invested in the success of the sales as well as the buyers because we approach our projects as long-term relationships.

Our program is FHA and Fannie Mae-approved and our carefully selected lenders provide a wide range of safe mortgages.


We are stewards of our program because we’re invested too. We support our homebuyers from purchase to resale. Homebuyers receive a comprehensive orientation when they move in and support when they decide to sell. We help them stay in their home in the event of a job loss or economic setback. Because of our committed approach, we have yet to have a foreclosure.

We also are good neighbors. We work closely with homeowner associations and respect HOA covenants. We help homeowners with necessary repairs to keep properties well-maintained. We stress owner occupancy requirements and respond quickly to emerging issues. We sustain the communities that we establish.


Selling a CCLT home is like any other home sale. We do best in neighborhoods located close to work, schools, public transportation and amenities.

Our product ensures versatile floor plans and attractive finishes. When it is time to sell our team has passion, knowledge and skill in establishing a market, working with buyers and keeping up the momentum.


If you need help meeting affordable housing requirements or reselling foreclosed homes in urban neighborhoods, call us. The CCLT can be your trusted partner in meeting your affordable housing needs.


Colorado Community Land Trust strives to maintain high home owner support standards so that home owners can maximize their allowed appreciation and equity growth through responsible home loan repayment practices. We work with buyers before and after they acquire the home so that they are well prepared for home ownership and maintenance.   This represents good stewardship of the land, home and community resources.

The activities require funding that are not fully paid for through home owner land lease payments. Each year we reach out for grants that will assist in covering the costs of the stewardship program.